Batshit Insane Americans

Look. Read this and weep about the recent state of our leading country (of the phree wurld). That’s how we know and love them, isn’t it?

Of course, why don’t you blame it on Putin personally that you’re too ignorant to vaccinate your kidz?

Oh my, are these people like totally meshugge now? Does nobody see the simple fact of life that kidz don’t get sick with measles if you just vaccinate them?  And that the very American anti-vacc movement is totally homegrown and only influenced by conservative religious patriotic zealots? So not really an environment where you usually meet many Russians.

I bet Russian spies have planted the measles virus in America! 😦

And, btw, your lovely editrix had measles herself when she was little. Measles are no big deal as far as I know. Was pretty cool; two weeks off school and drone around at home. Never again had the opportunity to watch so much Sesame Street. I don’t see why and how a simple children’s disease is newsworthy all of a sudden.

“We don’t need no vaccinations!”


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