Roll Call!

How to Install Skype for Linux Latest on Ubuntu 16.04 / 18.04 Desktop

I’ve got to know now, can’t stand being the ignorant, and even if it’s disgustingly annoying … please tell me who of you, dear readers, is already on Linux, who’s on the brink, not really decided yet to make the (inevitable) switcheroo and who’s a steadfastWin/Mac fanperson and will prolly never ever leave their old system and only get Linux over their dead cold body?

Apple might've let “MacOS” rebranding for OS X slip out | Macworld

I know some of my fellow SecondLifers are on Linux anyway but that’s because we SL avies are a highly sophisticated and tech savvy bunch. Aren’t we? So it shouldn’t be a wonder for anybody to learn that Triumphal bosslady and co-bloggerina – although a lazy one – Trapez Breen is on Linux as parttime OS. Another Linux fraggle is Jackie, but I’ve not heard from her in a long time and her blog seems to be dead. :/ Oh, and there are some more brave Xers among my blogreaders. Come on guys, make some noise, make yourself heard. It’s maybe the much needed push for those people on the fence when they find out that super fancy you are on Linux as well.

How To Choose The Best Linux Distro For Your Needs

And then all the others, the fraggles from other walks of life, like film critique deLuxe Jay or our Italian reader Antonella. I got an enthusiastic thumbs up from both for the latest Linux story. I mean why would they like a totally unrelated blogpost about shit they don’t like and never have heard of? Do I sense some mild interest there? I mean both girls are wildly intelligent and not only that but clever and smart as well. So it would only be logical and consequent if they were on Linux too.

Solutions in a nut shell: Commercial Linux vs Open Source Linux

So please peepels, I’m not asking for much or do I? Just respond to this post in the love letters section below with a message about your OS. No reason, no why and how if you don’t want. Just a simple statement of fact.

GNU/LINUX BRASIL – Aqui todas as Distros São Bem-vindas!

It could look like so, for example:

First Name Last Name: Operating System

Trapez Breen: Windows 10, elementary OS

Mister Flotta: Kubuntu 14.04

Jackie Waters: Linux Mint

LucyInTheSky Afarensis: Windows do Brasil

kittensusie Landar: =^.^= Meow OS =^.^=

Anon Anonymouse: MacOS Mojave

samlara Vintner: Mac, Win

Orca Flotta: Namib GNU/Linux

Mowry Rubble: Not sure, some Linux I guess

Phree Radikal: Varying Linux distros

Neotel Netizen: Why you wanna know, oldest sister? You NSA or Google or what?

OhOrca Oh: Always the Linux version Orca logs me on with.

… and the list  goes on.

Linux Distros as Manga Women : linux

See, it doesn’t even hurt. Not necessarily … and not if you don’t want it to hurt. Not even the most stubborn WinMac sheeple have to fear any repercussions, as most of us think you’re already suffering enough. 😉

Grote Windows 10 update is aanstaande - Apparata

Come on, don’t be  a dick, play with your fellow folks, and feedback to this blog with some much needed info.


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