Tom Does It Again. :/


Giving us his Top 5 Linux distros of 2019 … in February 2019 already. Didn’t he read my well-reasoned complaint about this behaviour? No, of course not. Toobers aren’t readers, and a silly SL avie like little Orca is basically unknown in the Linuxverse. Oké. But my reasoning from last year still stands.

Into medias res now, here are his Top 5 for 2019 and his widdioh about them:


5.) Arch Labs:…

4.) Elementary OS:…

3.) Solus:…

2.) Manjaro:…

1.) Linux Mint:…

Not much to complain about his choices as such. I’d never ever include Elementary in my list tho, and Tom doesn’t like it neither. But it’s got its few good attributes that convinced him to harbour it in his holy list. Another not-so-favourite distro, at least for me, would be Solus. Okay, it’s got this “pretty” desktop … /me groans and soldiers on. Anyhoo, now you know of Ele’s existence – if you haven’t heard about it from this here blog already – and can try it out. Or don’t. ¯\(ツ)/¯ Meh.

BunsenArchLabs logo

Tom’s choice of ArchLabs, on the other hand, is brave and good at the same time. Making the most geekish part of ArchLinux, the fukn installation, fun and easy was a perfect move by ArchLab’s developers, and that’s enough of the friendliness. After that all is smooth sailing anyway … until it isn’t anymore. 😮 NØØbs gotta learn that the Linux world is not revolving around them exclusively, and some stuffz are better left for the adults. =^.^=

And for enterprising kidz as well. Else why would Orcsi be on Arch, eh? But you need to have a playful mind and be willing to ruin your hard work by fuking everything up and start anew. Welcome to the wonderful quirky world of ArchLinux then. 😉

BTW, I’ve just installed ArchLabs on Gaga for an extended test run. Being an Arch distro coming with Mate DE it stands a good chance to become a steady part of my personal collection. Or even a daily rider! But it’s a bit early to say anything yet. And utterly boring and pointless for you, dear readers.

ArchGirl Orca

Very ok, and almost absolutely congruent with my choices are his #2 and #1 top picks, Manjaro and Mint. Mint is da bomb for when you need an easy and comfy environment to get shit done, and Manjaro is the same if you’re a bit more cleverer or just fearless … and if you don’t insist on Mate as your mostest beloved desktop.


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