Sometimes I Just Have To

… do that test:


Just in order to see it confirmed in light blue on dark blue. Yes, I’m downing – and upping – with almost 20 MB speed! So cool. Grrr, yes, I know what you’re saying, 20 MB ain’t that fast n all and you have more on normal DSL copperwire connections. But I bet you’ve never seen such consistency and such lowlow ping times and such low jitter neither.

For us it’s only a question if we should cancel our DSL contract now – in the next couple days – in order to get out of it by the end of February, or if we should keep it on for “security” reasons. I’m all for cancel, Mr. Flotta is more concerned about it all breaking down tomorrow. That idiot! But that wouldn’t be his first grave mistake, as he’d already, very stupidly, got married to me. :/ I say let’s dial up our speed to 100/100, just in order to shut anyone up. 🙂



    • Thing is, love, we can’t cancel the Fibre anyway coz then we’d have to pay for the installation and the two magic boxes we gotz. So even if it turns out to be shit – but why would it? – it wouldn’t make any economical sense for us to cancel our contract. So we can cancel our DSL right away. I guess we have 3 or 4 days left to do it.


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