Samlara Vintner: A Case Study. :)

Aloha surfers!

You’ve all seen it during Sammie’s last dip into this bloggie …

Of course does Windows suck but we can do something about that!

As we all know is our Sammie a Mac user by heart but, for some reason or the other, got a pretty new Alienware lappy, and found out that Windows sux. Whoa, you don’t say, Sammie! It’s not like Orca and every other kool Linux kid didn’t say it since years and years so it’s not really a secret anymore. Windows sux! Big Time! And Win10, despite its couple cool new things – all taken from Linux – is the wurstest Windows version evar!!!

Overpriced Alienware crappola isn’t really a starfleet battleship. 😦

Nice that you noticed it as well, darling, and I won’t ask you why then you bought a fukn Windows computer? But what I will ask you is why tf you’re so pigheaded and refuse to go the Linux route. Hey, you’re running out of options pretty quickly, love. On a pretty newish Dell/Alienware laptop you’ve got following alternatives to the unsustainable Win10. And, no, Win7 isn’t one of them. Win7 support will run out pretty soon and then  you’ll be left stranded again, so no to that.

Not recommended as a viable alternative: Windows 7. very good option would be to install a MacOS on your new Intel-powered battlestation, as I’ve recommended in the comments of the story. No clue if it werkz with your specific Out-of-this-world computing device tho. So let’s look for the next best – or even betterer – solution:

Unix derivative OpenBSD is MacOS’s mothership. Sounds good, eh? No, not really since it’s geeky and kinda uncharted territory. You and I and most reasonable people won’t get anywhere in BSD, so let’s forget that one too.

why use bsd over linux
Who cares?

Anyone any other idea? No? Hmmm, hate to say I told you so but let’s have a look at the most logical and first option available for anybody and everybody and even for Sammie:

Fukn Linux! It’s easy to get, easy to install and super easy to work in! You’ll be happy with your new Linux Mint 19.1, Sambaby! I promise you it’s really polished and all sorts of great and should be a real Sam pleaser.

No fear, I won’t get into long-winded instructions about how to get the Minty goodness onto your Alien stuff, we’ve covered that already a couple of times. I hope I made that shit easy enuff to grasp by dear Sammie as well as everybody else. Really now, dear, I know you’re not happy on Windows, which is quite understandable. Even the most hardcore Windowsers are slowly getting ready to jump the Microsoft ship. All the power to them, to everybody willing to face a new chapter in their personal life stories. Because it’s the right thing to do! Don’t get left behind, Miss Vintner, the world is much bigger and has much more to offer than just two overly huge, self-important software houses from America. We don’t need that.

happy birthday to the Linux operating system - DesignStreet Blog
Do the right thing and become a happy penguin with Linux!!!


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