Everybody Was Complaining …

… whining and moaning about how outdated Libre Office looks, right? My typical reponse to such nonsense is the a) Office software was completely at the height of evolution already, like, 30 years ago and b) caring about the looks is childish. Still some petty people are obviously missing their “Ribbon” menu. I don’t even know what the fuk that’s supposed to be but I do know kinda exacty why Microsoft put it into their Office product: Make it look different from earlier versions just so they can say they vastly improved the old stalwart, the Office suite. Pff, do I need that crap to write a letter or the fabled Novel of the 21st Century?

No, I don’t!

But anyway, from all I hear Libre Office got that shit too now. Making it even more compatible with “the industry standard”. Okeeee, whatever you fukkaz want, the Linux world delivers!



This is LibreOffice 6.2.somethingsomething, the brandnew version I just received, like, ten minutes ago, which ostensibly includes that Ribbon nonsense. I can’t find it, haven’t really looked for it either, not sure what it is supposed to be, but it should be there. Just to drain out the whining noises.

So friends of the American megacapitalism, here’s the other half of the American dream, your Total Freedom … incuding the Ribbon thingie for your convenience.

Oh, and yes, I know most of you are on Linux Mint and probably have to wait some more days, weeks, months, maybe for the next Minty version 19.2 before you get that awesomeness too. But it will come. Deffo!


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