King of the Air!

We love Red Bull events, don’t we?

Red Bull King of the Air 2019 kitesurf competition that is. And since it’s happening right down the road from me I went there this morning after gym. But when I got to Kite Beach …

… not a kite in sight to the north …
.. and only one to the south.
And that one was a beginner’s kite, used by a rookie and her instructor.
Apart from that only the usual beach riff raff, sunbathers, hikers and lotsa doggos.
But then I found this container which is obviously the event’s office and observation space for the judges.

Hm, obviously I was there much too early to watch any real sporty action. But I wanted to go home and get some breakfast, so no exciting kiting photos from this failed reporter. If I wasn’t the editrix I’d fire myself from Thar She Blows! For realsies. :/

Spoils of war
It’s over now and I missed it. 😦

Maybe a video will show up here:

Ya, the linkage werkz gud. 😉


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