Exciting Happy News!

Mørnings y’all!

This is so exciting … at least for me it is. Got not one but two new reporters for Thar She Blows! Macz Murfin and Serena Lush will host Star Boat Races in Triumphal every Thursday and Sunday at 1 p.m. Meet at their Sail & Chill Club, directly opposite TrYC’s race dock.

Macz Murfin
Macz Murfin, Starboat proponent, boss of the Star Boat Racing Club and Race Director at Triumphal

Didn’t I say this was exciting news?

Two new reporters for Thar She Blows!

Two new RDs for TrYC in Triumphal.

Another new sailing club directly in Triumphal.

Serena Lusch
Serena Lush, Star Boat RD at Triumphal, Sail & Chill Club and Starboat Racing Club boss. “[08:49] serena (serenalush Resident): (Saved Thu Feb 07 07:22:05 2019)Hi Orca. You just caught us before our break. Macz is on vacation and i’m busy in RL. So we decided to have a break. We start racing again on the 14th. Greetings!
[08:56] Orca Flotta: cool, good to know. Will blog it with your friendly permission ;)”
And, did I promise too much?

Guys, this means more sailing related stories for this blog, more action photos, more better English language texts. It’s all goodygood! And I bet TrYC RD Lucy will love this too. She’s a known fangurl of the RL Starboat class and particularly of their famous Brazilian racers.

I met with Serena at their Sail & Chill Club’s stylish premises. This is a truly inviting club house, filled with important info and coffee. 😉 And those tables are perfect for huddling around and discussing rules and disqualifiers. 🙂
All info about the races de jour you can grab at the club’s own little dock. It’s all sorts of perfect.
I guess the Star Class and Sail & Chilll Club are now synonymous in SL sailing. And I’m so proud and happy they’ve chosen TrYC as their root location instead of the overcrowded Blake Sea. Well, we westerners have always been the cooler crowd, no?



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