You Wouldn’t Dare

… calling this a Windows replacement:

Mac OS Logo Vector (.EPS) Free Download

Because it is something totally different, a different operating system with a different user experience. So why the fuk does everybody just calls and imagines this …

Linux Logo - Design and History of Linux Logo

… as a mere Windows replacement and treats it as such? Why is everybody complaining about missing games support, bad office suites, graphics software that can’t 100% replace Photoshop? Why aren’t the Mac users complaining about all that? Mac is the worst system for gamers and is nearly missing the minimal demands for Second Life. Yet nobody complains.

Linux ain’t Windows! And it was never supposed to replace windows, ffs. Mac wasn’t either. They are different from Windows, and decidedly and proudly so. As  a matter of fact are MacOS and Linux closer relatives, both being Unix offsprings, than Windows is to anything else. Coming to think of it: Windows is really the odd kid out. The durty lil DOS punk, missing the noble Unix pedigree.

Stop your crying, Windows 8.1 Update is awesome, you babies
But muh gaaaaamez!!!

So quit your whining about Libre Office ain’t as fancy as Microsoft Office! They both do the same job and Libre even is so nice and friendly and tolerant and is 99.9% compatible with MS Office. It is MS Office being 0% compatible with anything else. You’re driving to work every morning, you don’t Toyota to work, do ya? And even if, my apologies to all Toyota owners here, you could do basically the same in a VW, a Nissan, a Porsche, a Ford, a Yugo, a Lada, a Ferrari or a Chevy, no? Look, Linux can be all of those and doesn’t even ask you to take the bus. =^.^=



    • Hey Sammie!!! Good to see you again. Got rid of your house guests and can participate in more important stuff again? Cool. About Mac, you said it yourself: 9 years old! Nine fukn years!!! It was a different aera on the timeline of human existence on this planet. Macs were still adorably built strong machines back then, not total riffraff like today.
      And you’ve seen it in most of my Linux tests and reviews, I can connect to SL with all my machines, even the fukn Acer netbook. It’s just a question of how much time I have to spend inworld before my poor hardware catches fire and assplodes! 😮 I’ve already killed a rather good Asus laptop with dedicated ATI graphics back in 09. Overdid it with the eyecandy and … baibai motherboard. 😦

      BTW, what became of your Windows lappy? Wasn’t you sposed to get one from a friend or uncle or auntie or sumfink?


    • That, my dear, that can’t stand! I won’t sleep or rest until we’ve set you up on Linux!!! From now on I’ll make a nagging post every fukn day until you give in. Imagine the peer pressure by the millions of blog readers asking you to finally join us on Linux, because they want their old Thar She Blows! blog back.

      And hey, to sweaten the deal for you I’ll give you extra special permission to dual boot Win and Mint. Just for you I’ll betray my principles. That way you won’t lose your beloved MS crappola but can nevertheless play with the kool kidz.

      So Sammie, you got your task for today, got your work laid out for you. You know what to do! Don’t dillydally but get busy. It’s, like, half an hour of your not very valuable time, and you’ll be in the good people camp.

      Talking about good people, you know who owns Alienware? Yes, Dell, right! And Dell are huge Linux fans, you can get various of their better machines with Linux preinstalled! So the whole world is quickly turning to Linux … and you won’t stay behind, right?

      PS: If you’re desperate there might be another way to get you out of your misery:


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