That Escalated Rather Fast

… or Hello Waterfox … buhbai Waterfox … hello again Firefox. 😉


Couple days on the Blue Fox and Orcsi not being satisfied. Is not the core functions, as Waterfox was quite a pleasing surfer, but why in the fuk can’t I add and store any new bookmarks? C’mon dev guys, that shit is important! And always starting momma Firefox just in order to save a new bookmark kinda defies the purpose of switching to Waterfox, doesn’t it?

So tonight I’m not proud. but kinda relieved, to report me’s back on the original fox, the one and only Firefox. Writing this post in my blawg running in Firefox. Can you see the difference? Oh jeez, I hope not! There is nothing to see, go on, go home! 😉

Just another slice of Orcalive story before I pack my shit together and head off to the gym.

Laterz …


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