Smooth! But Ultimately Disappointing. :/

Mørning sirs, ladies,

just brought Oubaas to the car electrician so I’m grounded again and have some time to cook up some shitty blogstories from the back of my skull and bore you to tears with my self-appointed expertise. For example this be about an upcoming and highly anticipated m00vie!

Will you look at this …

… and then tell me you’re super excited! :/


Come on now, I know Alita is a nice anime and the live action is done with great effort and stuff and the actress is perfect and the whole thing has its heart in the right place. But really, for a movie that’s supposed to live from its physical action that short clip of the motorball scene was a huge let down. I don’t know, and honestly don’t give a fuk, if it had to be so softened down to meet PG-13 requirements — BUT! when I watch an action scene I demand to be shown some action!

Particularly when it’s all just CGI anyway, FFS!!!

Did you, for a split second, feel any concern for Alita’s safety? Did you feel any imminent threat or mortal danger? Naaaw, eh? It’s all just fun and games, a colourful and ultimately flakey show. in typical cowardish modern Hollywood manner it was all filmed/programmed in such an impactless way, rushed over, only indicated but never shown. Too many and too fast cuts, too quick movements, confusing direction. This is clearly aimed at today’s snowflake teenagers. What a shame. It’s okay if they get shot dead and end up as bloody puddles of pulp on the floor of their classrooms. But please don’t show them any brutal movie scenes. Oh god, no, we can’t have that! 😮

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

Oh, don’t know what it’s all about?

And more about the topic of action:

So now we all know why certain movies work and other don’t. And it has nothing to do with how much money a studio throws at the production but it’s all about good screenplays, believable characters with believable motivations and competent directors.

This is a believable action hero:


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