I Love Female Super Heroes!

I really do. GO BISHIES! Whoooohooo!!! But do I want to watch this movie, do I look forward to it? Am I excited by the trailer?

It’s not that I don’t like Brie Larson, but I really really don’t like her … and that doesn’t make an iota of a difference. The character of Captain Marvel is just a bad character, coming out of the thin air, without any former history, without any organic growing, no character development … but she’s the one supposed to save the fukn world???

Oh look, here is another really angry movie critic …

Hey Hollywood, didn’t you get the memo? Film audiences are pissed off with SJW heros, SJW screenplays, SJW directors, SJW showrunners, SJW anything!!! We don’t buy into your agenda, we don’t buy your tickets. You can call us all sorts of names  and we’re still not going to watch your bullshit flicks! 😦

Our special friend, the ComicArtistPro, is sceptic as well:


Brie Larson takes flight as Captain Marvel on this week's EW cover ...

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