News from Triumphal


That’s exciting! After a long time of Lucy being the only surviving TrYC Race Director and hosting the Shields Races every Saturday, now we/they also have Starboat races on Thursdays. That’s so friggin cool!

Host and RD of the Star races is Macz Murfin, who also founded the STAR CLASS Racing Club (SCRC). I guess every owner of a Star is welcome to the races which will be hosted in Triumphal at TrYC.

But wait! There’s more …


The good Macz is also a wild painter and has opened his own Mad Macz paintshop in Triumphal sim. Whoa! now we’ll have not only one but two of those on the premises. So on busy days I recommend all visitors to wear respiratory masks when Laured and Macz are spraying at the same time. 😉


Of course, being the bosslady of this bloggo, I’ve tasked my eager co-blogger, and starboat fanatic, Lucy with making a nice report about Macz’s Star races. Looking forward to some nifty action photos. 😉 Mhhh, maybe I should ask Macz as well, if the RD job isn’t too stressful for him.



    • Make Triumphal great again! 🙂

      Serena, what do you think about becoming a co-blogger on Thar She Blows! so you can release the race results and tables and some photos and race reports n stuff? Just like Lucy does. Just send your email addy confidentially to and I’ll send you an invite as staff blogger. Deal?

      Merci arigato 🙂


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