Ditching Windows 10 for Linux Mint: confession of a geeky woman

Mørnings peepels.

Much to my shame I must admit I’ve only today stumbled about blogreader Miracles Happen’s success story … or maybe I saw it earlier already when skimming her blog but totally misjudged the potential and reblogability of this wonderful empowering and useful post.

So me’s gonna reblog it here now:

Everything is a Miracle

Windows 10 got on my nerves so many times that I often felt like smashing the laptop against a wall: luckily, I didn’t do it!

When an update of Windows 10 finally rendered my old laptop completely useless (read the full story here), I was forced to buy a new one but I obviously didn’t want to hear about Windows ever again in my life!!! I used to have a Mac when I was younger but that’s not where my heart is: my heart is with Linux and the open source community.

The first impression that you get when you start using Linux is that it is made by people for people while in Windows, unfortunately the impression is that is made by people for money and for the purpose of buying their apps – even if you are not interested!

Now, if you are as fed up…

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One comment

  1. Some additional remarks if I may please:
    1) What Miracles didn’t tell us was that the Windows update wasn’t to blame for bricking her laptop. She shut it down in the middle of the ongoing update process = recipe for disaster. 😮

    2) Her laptop at that time was a very underpowered Lenovo amateur thingie with an Atom cpu, which was Intel’s lowest line of procis. I wonder how that thing was even able to run on Win10 at all.

    Still this is a very nicely done and detailed tutorial on how to get from gutter to palace in just a couple minutes. And let’s not forget, Miracles is a sister! If she can do it and even Orca can do it, you must finally try it yourself!!! You owe yourself this favour!


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