Clueless AF? Not Computer Savvy? Run Linux!

I rarely ever link to videos by Chris Titus, he’s just a bit too geeky and better than thou. But his brand new latest video is really awesome. Because he made an observation and came to the same conclusion your great and sexy, but still so very humble, editrix got to already years ago. Something I’m trying to communicate to you lot … and failing badly at it. So maybe if the super expert Chris tells it to you now, you’ll finally believe me. So please, have a looksie:

Ya, who should now switch to the mighty Linux?


Because computers are hellalot complicated, because computes are more cleverer then you, because you don’t know what megalomaniac corporation fiddles with your machine and controls it and you. Because there are so many new functions and gadgets in Win and Mac software you’ll never use or even understand what they are for.

8tracks radio | Like the Cool Kids (10 songs) | free and music ...
Just imagine: These kool kidz could be you on Linux.

And because Linux is fukn easy! And save. And free of viruses and malware and spyware. Because the software just werkz as intended. You may be as stupid as a stupid person, you can have the brain capacity of and be as flakey as Homer Simpson, Linux is there for you!!! And it’s perfect for you dummy. šŸ˜‰

kaifongfu Kids T-Shirt,Baby Girls Boys Letter Cool Kids Never ...
Too kool for old people Windows. He didn’t choose the thuglife Linux, the thuglife Linux choose him. =^.^=

Got it now? Fine, thenĀ  go ahead and download and install the minty freshness and instantly become a Kool Kid! =^.^=

Cool Kids | Others
When you advance from Mint to Arch you also advance from Kool Kid to Kingpin of Kool!


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