Image result for waterfox logoFinally.

After being a spoiled, politically unconscious brat for much too long, just a minute ago I decided to follow hub’s good example and installed the freakish(ly good) Firefox sidekick Waterfox on my system. Even made it my default browser. Of course I’m still having the Firefox as well but if I don’t run into any serious trubbelz in the next kuppla days I guess I’ll toss it and go full Waterfox. Like the good politically aware netizen I always claimed to be.

This Waterfox story is nothing but an inconspicuous attempt to steer you to some notorious movie piracy site, LØL. Turning y’all towards a life of crime! 🙂 And no, I’m not gonna watch and review any of those lame movies from the top row. Cuz they lame!
Richard Stallman - Fête de l'Humanité 2014 - 010.jpg
GNU/Linux hippie

I tried Waterfox a couple times already in the past but always went back to Firefox proper because it’s just more comfy and luxurious. But Waterfox became better in many aspects and is pretty close now to the creature comforts of its mothership. Thar She Blows! opens as my Homepage, Bookmarks and Add-Ons and even my often used sites are all there, my most fave search engines are added in a few minutes, and then I’m good to go and can live in the net the same way as I always did.

That. Plus Prof. Stallman will be so fukn proud of me.





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