More About Mint

And this time Ars Technica personally took care of trying to lure us back into Linux Mint. For apparent reasons they think. Yes, it’s true, Ubuntu and Red Hat took a lot of the limelight, and geeky stuff like ArchLinux derivatives are rising in popularity even in mom n pop knitting circles. One can see Mint’s falling star in the DistroWatch charts, for whatever they are worth. Fact is, Mint still remains the King of the Desktop!

This article is quite long but shows good reasoning for why you should use Mint.

No scandals, no shattering of glass, women screaming, babies crying; not with Mint. We stay humble and shine with the results of our labour, not by flashing our b00bs.

… although we can do that as well. =^.^=

I particularly liked this part:

There’s a good reason for that popularity: Linux Mint just works. It isn’t “changing the desktop computer paradigm,” or “innovating” in “groundbreaking” ways. The team behind Mint is just building a desktop operating system that looks and functions a lot like every other desktop operating system you’ve used, which is to say you’ll be immediately comfortable and stop thinking about your desktop and start using it to do actual work.

Yeah, basically what auntie Orcsi’s telling you since years. A swap from Win/Mac to Linux mustn’t necessarily be traumatic and hurtful but can be quite uplifting. Without asking too much geekiness of you. That shit, Linux, is supposed to empower you, not put you down. And the Minty guys obviously understand that task better than the devs of any other distribution.

… and a bit of show effect doesn’t hurt, no?

You don’t have to go on a wild goose hunt with always changing Ubuntu, which reminds us more of Windows with its everchanging moods and always growing complexity. Of course you can go that route, or Arch, or Gentoo, or whatever. I bid you a fond farewell and much luck. But if you just wanna become or stay awesome and shine with the shit you produce rather than your toolset, then there is hardly a way around the Minty Goodness. Try it and find out how silly and underpowered you were in Windows.

mintlogoAnd don’t fear that dreaded Terminal, I promise you won’t need it! Just a mouse and a keyboard like you did in Win or in Mac. Easypeasy. Even a little bit too easypeasy for my taste as some of the new stuff in 19.1 goes in direction of nanny state. Listen Minty guys, I’m a grown up asshole, I mostly know or think I know what I’m doing. I wanna make my own mistakes, wanna fuk my own system, wanna lose my own data! I surely don’t need you guys to remind me of backing up my stuff. :/


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