Exactly as Orca always claimed:

Refreshing article about an old dispute.

See this! This is exactly the point I’m trying to make since years but am myself too hamfisted to formulate it right with my rough Denglisch idiom:



Hey business, get this: Piracy is here to stay! Afterall it was you inventing and selling us the necessary pirate tools, so you’re making even a profit from the very people you’re dondemning and fighting. And itv was also you forcing all us non-Americans into piracy by not selling your products or making them accessible internationally. Sell us Game of Thrones Blu-Rays or sell licenses to international TV stations and you’ll see your profits sykrocketing. Or go back to your hellish offices of evil and try to think of new ways to undermine basic human rights by being overly protective of your silly products.

Instead of making good music once again these old farts and multi-mega-millionaires are afraid of your son/daughter stealing their music. :/

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