Still Sooo Excited

… about the fibre magic I just did speedtests on all my three desktop machines. Just because I didn’t have anything better to do and … because I can. 😉


I chose Rocketnet’s “own” speedtest (which is nothing but a customized test where Rocketnet slapped their own logo on) on all three machines but I tested to different local servers. And needless to say my three PCs are on different Linux distros; Antergos, Namib and Mint respectively. And they are of very different abilities. I conducted the tests 3 times each, so all in all I had 9 different results.

Or actually not so different!

Unlike in DSL the fibre results are very conform and only differ to a very small, neglectible margin in between high 18.xx and low 19.xx in both, down- and upload. The jitter, as you can see, is also on a very low 1 ms. I guess with jitter you wanna have as low numbers as possible.

And, hey, I did all the tests whenever one was finished, so mostly all three machines were busy testing at the same time. As far as I understood the techy it doesn’t matter with fibre, the clients don’t share the bandwith and all our computers will receive the same speed at the same time. So this is all very cool.

And not even hubby’s old lappy in the lounge is noticeably slower. On DSL, with the old wireless router it was remarkably slower but now with 3 antennae firing at it, this thing is capable!


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