After the tragic loss of my 3 fantastillion bookmarks I’m slowly recovering most of them, piece by piece, whenever I think of any. Yesterday, by acccident I stumbled upon Reddit. Oooh ya, that’s a good one … goes in my collection! And this morning, with some time to kill, I had a little peek and found some stuffz you might find amusing …

Yeah, America, you got a problem with 21-year-olds!
But don’t forget to stay humble, BIH!
… but not in any way bigger than some politician’s egos. Remember they aren’t working for you nor for America.
Still, around the world we know you yanks are all high on peanutz. 😉
That’s sorted then. 🙂
99 woolong is still expensive for something you wear only once … presumably.
Really no wonder he/she’s still single. Could’ve been me as well though. So glad I don’t have a smartypants phone.
Sarcasm mode = OFF
3rd  pic says it all. :/
Pheew … okay. My first thought was she’s stupid for posting her murder plan on  the internet.
Niger, please!
Well, are they?
Guess I need to start watching Dora, the Explorer soon.
Moar Powah!
Depends on context, I’d say.

redditlogoOkayyy, that’s enuff for today. You know how addictive and time-consuming a visit to Reddit can be. Almost as bad as … 9gag. Oooh, and there is another one I just rememberd. Excusé moi …


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