\o/We’re on Fibre!\o/

Whoohoo, around noon-ish a messenger came around and brought us a suspiciously lightweight box. Obviously a crappy garbage-tier modem/router. Let’s see:

Oh ya, Tenda. That’s the superduper brand you’ll find in Walmart’s bargain bin. Well, doesn’t matter, its design is nicer, it’s smaller and rocks 3 antennas and not just 2 like our much more fancy TP-Link thingie. Apart from that it’s just a normal router and all the fibre magic is obviously inside the ONT we got 3 days ago.

And while I was away this morning, dealing with Oubaas’ wheelhub problems, hubby received the new login details from RocketNet, so when we got the new modem we could punch them in and start immediately. Could’ve started earlier as our old router would’ve worked the same.

Okayyyy, first order of business: Speedtest! Whoa!

Yes, I know this isn’t any fast for a fibre connection but 20MB up/down is twice what we got now! And the 2 – 4 ms ping really is something, no? Real-time test with various websites show results so far unknown to us poor 3rd world dwellers. Life is all sorts of great right now. And as soon as we feel this ain’t speedy enuff for us anymore we can upspeed with a single email/phonecall.

Now the most important test: Second Life. I set the connection speed from 500 to 1250, looks good so far.

Unfortunately doesn’t the low ping we got with fibre show in my latency to SL’s servers. The connection Cape Town – London – New York – San Francisco (alternatively CPT – Hong Kong – San Francisco) is so long I can’t get less than around 300 m/s. 😦 Hmm, doesn’t matter much since I’m not racing anymore and was never big in flying vehicles and have my favourite bikes and cars nicely under control as I’m slowly puttering around on Linden’s mainland routes.

This is happyness! \o/



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