Yawn … ***EDIT***

Looksie here, another mini PC. :/ If at least they’d make different boxes but no, these things all look suspiciously same-same. Only today the good old Lon reports about a model with one maybe significant difference. Lookywatchy:

Preview: Pepper Jobs GLK-UC2XYeah, ok, again: The most exciting thing about the Pepper Jobs GLK-UC2X Mini PC is the manufacturer’s name. Apart from that it’s slightly underpowered as a gaming (ugh nooo!) or production machine but it’ll Preview: Pepper Jobs GLK-UC2Xmake a nifty home theatre media centre and … it can run Linux!!! That’s why I’m showing you this thing.

EDIT: One more vid …



    • Yeah, those Synology thingies are The Shit but I’m too lazy to look into it and too cheap to spend money just for storage. It’s an adult thing and not sexy at all. :/


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