Day 3: Arrived

Of course there will never be a perfectly installed operating system on your computer, no matter if Win, MacOS or Linux or whatev, without a perfect installation of your Second Life viewer. So I did it just now, installed Singularity-Alpha and the recent Firestorm viewers, just to check. Logically I had to install the Nvidia driver as well so I can view our silly little virtual world with high eyecandy settings.


Orca says hi and look at these (mosquito stings) from her current exile on the LCC outpost in Bresimo. Next order of action, once I’m getting round to it, will be rezzing my boat and continue the great trip from here. That’s what LCC outposts are there for, no? To give the wandering sailor a place to rest and rerez their vessels in order to continue their cruises.

Uh oh, that  reminds me … hang on …


… no, it’s oké. 😉

Of course is OrCamping also rezzable for your landbound/amphibious/flying vehicles. Timer is set to 10 mins, so if the fukn slowpoke barista doesn’t deliver your coffee in time it’s no prob since you can rerezz your bike, camper van or Ferrari anywhere on the parcel.


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