Not All That’s Tiny …

… is necessarily good. :/ Shame, really. You know your editrix fangurlz about almost anything that’s small and computes. As long as it’s reasonably usable. But now, please, watch this video by LTT …

Hm hm, a contrast bath of emotions for Linus as well as for this hapless consumer. :/

Because we’re not professsional archeologists, or are we? We don’t need dozens of exotic ports but what we do need is some computing power, a reasonably large (touch) screen and – very very important – a good keyboard.

I guess it’s exactly the last two attributes in which this latest GPD device sucks. And, even more importantest, can this thing do the Linux? No idea, honestly. Yeah, the proci should be able to but how restricted is the UEFI/BIOS? Fuk, a computer you can’t run a Linux on is actual crap. Because that’s how we roll, that’s what we need these things for, innit?

So, as for now, I won’t recommend this latest GPD machine. The older devices were/are more schmexy so use those!

Americans order Chinese chit from Gearbest! No trubbelz with FBI, CIA and the pesky customs people.


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