Day 2

Yes peeps, Orca ain’t half as cool as she wants to appear. Sad but nevertheless true. :/ After failing to install a fancy ArchLinux derivative onto MiniMax yesterday and having been busy out and about this morning I’m now trying to install Antergos … again, yes. :/ Grrr, you don’t need to tell me the definition of madness, really not! Was something with repeating same shit and failing over and over, and expecting a different outcome or something, right? Weirdly enuff in the wonderfully strange world of computing this often sometimes werkz. So whoever said Computers are peepels too  obviously wasn’t entirely as stupid as we all thinkered they were. ;/

So while I’m helplessly watching the progress bar progressing and hoping for a better outcone this time I just thought why not showing off Thar She Blows!’s impressive datacenter. And here it is in all it barmy glorious mess.

fltr: MiniMe running an update on Antergos, MiniMax trying to install Antergos, and Gaga humming happily along on LinuxMint.

But now …

WTF? I mean really now WTF??? Where are my icons for Computer, File System and the inevitable Trash Can? I can make screenshots and save them onto desktop … but they never show up and I can’t search them in my file system. Say wot?

The same shit werks like cockwerk on my old, lame-oh MiniMe pc. Why not on my much fancier MiniMax? And why does it werk in Mint but not in Arch? Ok, next plan of action: Namib GNU/Linux. Didn’t install yesterday, so maybe today I get it into something manageable … Haven’t I told you already how great Linux is, and particularly ArchLinux? You really gotta believe me in this …

Power Nap | Funny, cute & nerdy shirts – TeeTurtle

Ok, I’m up and running since 4 a.m. and need a powernap now. After that the next round of Arch-installs shall commence. Cya laterz, folks …

If you don’t know yet what to get your editrix for xmas:
This is real reality. 🙂



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