Day 2 – Happy End … Kinda

So, Orca thought, this shit can’t go on like this. Antergos don’t work, Manjaro don’t work, Namib don’t work, wtf? Let’s look if frederi2ec has something new to offer, I like his distro the best of the three anyway. And lo and behold, sometimes the impossible becomes possible – just gotta get rid of the im. 😉 Look here:

See that? Just 7 hours ago Fred released a new snapshot 19.01. 18.08 was obviously a bit long in the tooth by now and maybe that’s the reason why it didn’t install correctly.

Anyhoo, installed the brandnew Namib 19.01 and it went so easy, so fluffy, so lovely and cuddly soft, it was a joy! I can’t say how happy I am to be back on my fave Linux distro and looking forward to heroic and sexy blogging in the future.

The best thing about new Arch snapshots is that you’ll get the newest and freshest Kernel in the same swoop. 4.20.4 in this case. I can feel Linus Torvalds’ love in each line of Kernel code, quite literally. 😉 LOL, as if I’d ever seen a single line of that code. 

So, but why am I only kinda happy? Fukn computer is still not 100% right. Most USB ports, front and rear IO won’t recognize my fancy new hard drive. I have it now connected to a Keyboard or Mouse port. Dunno why they still work, but MiniMax will go back into service early Monday morning … or couple days later. :/ Monday morning I’ve got an appointment with a mechanic again who will convert the studs and wheelnuts of my rear wheel hubs from fukn Imperial inch shit to reasonable metric sizes. So human beings can change the tyres with human tools. Cool. 😉

Until then I’m just happy to be back on a nifty ArchLinux system. \o/ YAY! \o/


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