Whoa, Hold Your Horses!

You want fibre? No so fast, Orcsi and hubby, not yet.

Unconnected shower thought: What are those SJWs of STD complaining about, Star Trek needs more diversity? In this photo of the Enterprise set we have a Caucasian, an African, a Vulkan and an Asian. And this was in the late 1960s when Niggers were still hanged from trees and burned on crosses in real life America!!! Fuksake peepel, get your shit together. There was/is lots wrong with Star Trek but lack of racial diversity has never been a particular problem!

We just had a visit by a youngling holding a mystery box … and connecting it to that weird wallplug. And now said mystery box is hogging up precious floor space on my desk, blinkenlights on and looking all impressive, Enterprise-like and … does nothing. :/


This movie prop is called a ONT. Don’t ask me what that means since the term ONT doesn’t appear anywhere in the sparse instructions leaflet, and Orca’s much too lazy to read anything not written by her anyway. But I can tell you this certain ONT is a Calix 844G-1. Feel enlightened now? Orcablog strives to please. πŸ˜‰

https://aemstatic-ww1.azureedge.net/content/dam/lw/online-articles/2014/09/LWcalix090314.jpg.scale.LARGE.jpgI had hoped for getting connected on fibre today but that’s obviously not gonna happen. Coz reasons. :/ Now we must call RocketNet (our new ISP) and tell them that the fibre guys are done, and they must expedite modem/router and telephone. And quickly please. Oh, and give us all the details so we can punch them into the router and finally connect.

And then it’s bottomless fun for us!

PS: Now I was a bit curious and can tell you ONT stands for Optical Network Terminal … yeah whatev. :/

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