Orca’s Whole Again :)

Yay, got MiniMax back! And my semi-good 24″ screen.


Ever since yesterday evening I tried to install ArchLinux, either Namib or Antergos, but failed time and time again. :/ So for now, guess what I did … yes, Mint with Mate desktop. And it’s great. System is running spunky and looking at a 1080 dpi 24″ screen is so  much nicer than looking at a 15.6″ 748×1366 screen. Unbelievable what amount of shit I can pack on my desktop now. Feels so good not to be too disabled anymore.

And most exciting: We’ll finally get fibre today! Techy secretary called and avised their arrival time for 10 a.m. Well, knowing this is Cape Town – the sleepy city – it’s maybe good she didn’t specify the exact day. LOL 🙂

PS: Don’t expect I’m happy with Mint. I mean, it’s all ok and fancy af, and the system works like Greased lightnin’. It’s just I wanna be back on Arch. But, well, for now I’m feeling pretty good.


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