Testing LiveJournal and … :/


Don’t let me disturb you while I’m testing some stuff …

Is LiveJournal a good alternative? Hmmm…

I’ve already decided it is not! To sparse are the layout options, there are no themes available and uploading pics takes forevereverevereverever…  and it’s still not visible, right?

So far I like the idea of LiveJournal but the execution stinks like a fish someone’s forgotten under dead granny’s couch in an empty flat, since 2 years marked for demolition, in the poorest suburb of Detroit. In other words: I’m not particularly fond of it. 😦

LiveJournal’s server room



  1. Lol. No, how do you REALLY feel about it though?

    Is this because of the new editor in WordPress? It’s up now, right? It seemed slightly different in there last time I posted, but nothing too terrible. Of course, I just do very simple things. Maybe other features of the new editor (which I don’t use) drive other people crazy…..?

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    • No, Gutenberg’s not up now … yet. At least not for me since I kliked on “Do Not Disturb!” or some klikthingie like that. But it’ll come! And I like to be prepared. 😉
      And hey, I do just very simple things myself. It’s not necessary to have a 3-ringed circus tent in order to manage a smalltime bloggsy. Regular publishing, finding your niche, trying to deliver something of interest for your readers, and first of all amusing yourself, these things are more important than an overly complex editor.
      What I don’t like overall is the tendency of most blogsystems to become more like website systems now. Gimme some nice premade themes for various purposes, that I can mod a little, and I’m happy.
      And what about you? Quite a while since your last blogpost, no?

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  2. When I went to add media, it looked totally different. So that changed, but Gutenberg’s not up yet…? Crap. I thought we dodged a bullet………….

    As for posts–hey, hey, woman! I just put one up two weeks ago! It’s a one-a-month deal for me…if I can manage it. I ain’t like you and slicethelife. Although I envy youse’s endurance and singlemindedness…!! 🙂

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    • Singlemindedness? Me? Oh, I have so much going on you wouldn’t believe: Gym, Van, Computers … ugh, okayyyyy that’s it. I passed the big five-oh, like, 2 years ago so I don’t need to care about all the great problems of the world anymore and all my duties have turned into hobbies now and I can be totally awesome while plotting very slowly on our long-term goal: Getting that fukn Transit fit and ready and then go on the big African safari!
      Why with that crappy oldtimer? Because everybody can do it with a fukn undermotorized VW bus, a kombi as they are called here. Everybody and their granny did it already. Spare parts and mechanics up the kalamazoo, that’s not sporty. 😉 Let us break down with Fordenstein in the middle of the Namib desert, or in Swaziland where they capture me and make me the king’s 32nd wife or such. The whitest and skinniest female he’s ever seen. The woman that spends half her days standing on her head, the other half meditating in Do Not Disturb mode. His curio wife. 🙂 Now that’s a slice of life. =^.^=
      And you can be sure I’m gonna blog live from the king’s kraal.

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  3. Lol ! ! ! I can just see it! “Miss Orca, please present yourself to the king’s chamber immediately. He prefers the ochre silk, if you will.” “What? Oi! Are you blind?! I’m in the middle of it! Tell kingy to keep it in his pants till I get this blog live! I mean, it’s not like he don’t got 30 other women’s magic boxes to choose from in the meantime…!!”

    Why a safari? Curiosity? Is it like when I was living in NYC & I never went to the Statue of Liberty or saw a Broadway play? You figure you should do the safari thing ’cause it’s part of living in Africa?

    Yeah, it’s so sweet, being over 50, isn’t it? My mind is still 25 but my brain and body’s over half a century old. And that situation’s RIFE for some paradoxical behavior, isn’t it ??!!! :@

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    • Why a safari? Because we don’t really go on safari, believe you me our 2008 excursion into the Kruger park was one of the most boring times of my life. All those elephants and gazelles and zebras and water buffalos and lions and wildebeest and rhinos and hippos and munkies and whatnot creepy crawlers … pffrz. Not a huge animal and nature fan here. What hubby and me love – mostly me – is living on the road, getting miles under my belt. I always had the wander bug in me. Was the same in sailing and biking: I wasn’t interested in racing but in touring, in island hopping; not in the destination but in the journey. One of the last huge biker ralleys I was at in Germany, I deliberately missed the Mötörhead gig and disappeared in my tent and went to sleep early so I’d be fit for the 300 miles tour the next day. Never having been a fan of Lemmy and his boys in the first place. But I’d have missed even really good bands in order to have a good night’s sleep and more joy on the road.

      Being over 50 is indeed kinda sweet: My mind is somewhere between 16 and 21, and unashamedly so. My Orca avatar in SL is a perpetual 21 y/o commie punk slut bishie. I don’t find it so much paradoxial but just … how to say it best? It’s liberating to not care much about age appropriate behaviour, about decorum and proper ladylike shit anymore. No boss to fire me, nobody to criticise me. Can hardly wait for the menopause, the ultimate liberator. 🙂


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