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Ohayo Linux fans of the future!

top5distrowatchOnce again one of my looks at DistroWatch’s chart of the Top Linux distros. Today I decided for a Last 7 Days view and was astonished by the fact that MX-18 has surpassed Manjaro and took the #1 rank. Very stable in #3 our stalwart Mint. In 4 and 5, very unsurprisingly by now, the usual suspects Elementary and Ubuntu.

manjarologoI wrote about each of these distros in this blog already, about most of them even more than once, and I can’t say I’d loved them all the same. No, Ele and Ubu are even on my hate list. But that’s not what I wanna write about today as I’ve compared the pros and cons of each distro already as well. It’s just that I noticed something the Top 4 in this list have in common. A simple attribute that made them such favourites of the masses and that they all share:

#1 – #4 are made to be used by human beings!

Why Ubuntu, of all those distros, fell out of that group is easily explained by its use of the unspeakable Gnome3 – or Gnome Shell as the kool kidz call it – Desktop Environment. Gnome3 is made for powerusers, who do everything on the keyboard and refuse to instrumentalize their mouse. Brr, shiver. 😮  And let’s not forget it was Ubuntu to come up with that  The other four are simply simple to use and follow the very old desktop doctrine of Mouse and Keyboard, windows, menus and all the stuff we know from Windows and MacOS since the dawn of time.

mx-18MX-18 and Manjaro both come in their standard flagship rendition with the easy peasy Xfce desktop, Mint with the girlishly easy Cinnamon flavour and Elementary with its homegrown Pantheon desktop, which follows the same the same philosophy of keeping it simple. If I remember corrrectly it was probably the most easiest of the bunch, too easy for my taste but surely great for when you are a stupid af new user. 🙂

mintlogoSee, the desktop is what we look at and interact with when we work on our computers; it’s even more important than the code below it. It really doesn’t matter much if a distro is Ubuntu-  or Arch-based as long as your, the end-user’s, experience is the same and meets your personal workflow best and enables you to get stuff done in an uncomplicated and fast way. And distros who only come with Gnome3, unwieldy desktop managers, fugly themes and super complex operation don’t get that high up in the charts. Of course old old Linux users and neckbeards, geeks and professionals may have their special needs  but for us housewives all these things spell more negativity than positivity. We wanna get shit done and don’t spend the whole night geeking out with the most enigmatic problems … particularly if these problems can be avoided very easily. For example by just using Linux Mint. Or MX-18 or even Manjaro. As soon as you figured out the Xfce desktop, and that shit is super easy, believe me, you’re good to go and an amazing person! \o/ YAY! \o/

This also confirms my theory of Cream Rises To The Top, doesn’t it?

It doesn’t mean all four distros are particularly beginners’ friendly at all but they give the averagely talented person the security of operating in a homely, comfy environment. For your first steps I recommend Mint, and that didn’t change by other distro’s use of a similarly simple desktop. MX-18 is maybe not as easy to install and gives you other problems, and Manjaro can easily become a terribly disorganized toolbox, so the choice of Mint makes super sense.



  1. I have Lubuntu 18.4 desktop on my old laptop which is a much lighter version of Ubuntu. It’s true that you have to do a lot of stuff via terminal – I had to learn, to me terminal only meant someone who’s going to die – ! However, now that I’ve learned the survivor basics, I appreciate the fact that is a very stable system and it hardly ever crashes! For main main projects, as you know, I keep using Linux MInt… (it was love at first sight) and yes it’s still 18.3; too lazy and busy with other stuff to be bothered upgrading it 🤣

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    • Logical decision Miracles. Lubuntu is a nice ultralightweight distro for weak and old hardware. Didn’t know you had to use the terminal for anything in LSDE or LXQt desktops. And Mint 18.3 should serve you well for some time to come as Minty always builds on Ubuntu LTS versions. So I guess 18.3 is gonna be supported up to 2023 or so. Dunno exactly since I’m personally so over all that *buntu stuff.
      But honestly, I don’t buy your Too Busy reasoning. Upgrading from one version to the next ain’t a project, not even if you do a fresh install. But afaik you will be upgraded automatically if you just do all the usual regular updates. Pls check and see if you’re maybe already on 19.1 without even knowing. 😮 LØL


      • Still in 18.3… Lubuntu is a mystery to me, remember I’m using the Linuxium respin for that because the audio wasn’t working. Anyway, sometimes I get right click menu options but sometimes I don’t. I guess I had to learn the basics so the machine deliberately sabotaged some of the features. Yeah, I know I should upgrade LM but somewhere I read that if it ain’t broken don’t fix it… I’m ok with it for now, I would really love an upgrade without having to reinstall all of my programs and stuff so I keep updating everything.

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        • Sorry, can’t say anything about Lubu other than it’s a mystery to me as well. Particularly I don’t get why anybody installs/uses it. 🙂
          And Mint 18.3 – 19.1 should go automatically if you’re not tardy but install all the updates. Did you check if you’re really still on 18.3?

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          • Yes I did, it’s still there… I picked Lubu because the system was crashing with anything else on Lenovo Ideapad 100s. I do love it, it hardly ever crashes – unless I go ballistic with CPU usage, it’s really a highly reliable system for old laptops or laptop with very limited RAM and HD storage. You’ve tried everything in your life (in terms of distros, have you tried Lubu yourself, I think people are installing in on tablets with Linuxium…)

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  2. If you have an old laptop or even a tablet, install Lubu respinned with Linuxium and then you’ll see why people love it so much. It’s truly lightweight (anything else crashes on my Ideapad 100s) and it’s incredibly stable compared to most systems. 🤩 So if you write a review about Lubu on Scheiße laptops, I’ll definitely read it! 🤗 Hey your blog really rocks: I like its new feel! Good job. 🙂

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    • Matter of factly I’m on exactly this “magazine style” WordPress theme since quite a while and only change the colour palette sometimes, the tagline (the “clever” hackneyed sayings), and the header images every couple days.
      Style of content is always different and same and depends on what the blog story is about. Hey, if you wanna get alarmed every time I let one slip, feel free to stalk me by just clicking on the Follow button.

      Merci beaucoup

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