Here’s Why …

… Orca doesn’t use Chrome:

Isn’t that my business?

I have no idea, I don’t know at what time this Google Chrome mad cow disease started. Suddenly everybody and their grandma wanted to get away from Mozilla’s Firefox and was setting up Google’s Chrome browser. Even, and particularly, in the Linux community. Countless distros come with Chrome installed as their standard web thingie and you can count yourself lucky if they offer the open source “Chromium” variant.

Well, I only need to read the name Google somewhere and I already try to get away as far and as fast as possible. Also I have roundabout 47 million bookmarks stored, and as far as I know Chrome can’t handle those. So done deal! At least for me. Let the Chrome  freaks brag about webistes opening a millisecond faster than on Firefuk, it don’t impress me much. 😉 The usability and number of useful and fancy add-ons in Firefocks is much much bigger than in Chrome and if we’re gonna live the way we’ere supposed to as modern consumers human beings, all the time online, always online, then I insist at least on a decent array of tools. FFS!

But now this latest initiative goes too far! Google, nobody’s forced you or invited you to plaster your resource- and bandwith hogging ads all over the internet. So it’s our good human right to protect ourselves from the barrage. If you’re going now and try to counterblock our ad-blockers (as if it wasn’t bad enough already that we need such stuff), you’re crossing a line!

Our good and caring friend Bryan Lunduke covers this scandalous but typical behaviour in his latest Tech News Show, starting at around 12:10 mins:

Das Ding mit den Perlen vor den Säuen | unendlichgeliebtOk, Google, as long as you only do it in Chrome you can do it. It’s evil but in the end it’s your fukn browser to do with it as you fukn please. As long as the Mozilla Foundation doesn’t join you in your evildoing business and we have our peace and quiet it’s all ok.

And little Orcsi can just go on, surfing like a real person, without being bombarded and brainwashed by all sorts of advertising and interruptions. Because afterall it’s my life, I and only I decide on how I spend my time online and what I consume. Hey, all your ads are wasted on me anyway. Pearls before swine. 😉


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