And One More Manjaro Fraggle

Hmm, now that Manjaro has climbed up the ranks in DistroWatch’s hit parade and sits big and fat on the #1 spot, like one of the old grands, every little YT channel comes out of the woodwork, claiming it as their fave distro of all times as well. Today’s best example is Fratm, a guy I rather like:

Not that I have a problem with that, if you’re on any sort of Arch derivative or Arch vanilla you’re my kind of Xer and all the power to you! Ok, the reasoning for his choice of Manjaro is bit silly as I made clear in my comment …


Apart from this little Oopsie on his side, which takes away from his credibility – at least in my eyes – I’m of course with anyone joining us Archers instead of playing around and favouring the silliest fringe distros or the always same *buntu-based distros for the non-creative sheeples. Yes, we have those in the Linux universe as well. *cough* Hubby *coughcough* …

So big thumbs up for Fratm, particularly for keeping his vid nice and short and to the point.


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