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C’mon guys, I’ve explainifed to you why there’s not much going on right now. In all gory detail. So let’s all get back to sleep. And, hey!, you could klik the FOLLOW button and be alarmed whenever your editrix publishes a new groundbreaking story about Linux or SL or some other freshly gound bullshit.


Have you ever fallen asleep while on the computer? - Off-Topic ...Who knows, Orci doesn’t spend every waking second of every day scouring the interwebz for nothing. So maybe there’s some lame-ass post still coming up even today.

Or, splendid idea! Listen peepels: Send me your most exciting shit, boats, vehicles, fashion, exciting sims, respectively not the stuffz itselves but photos thereof and maybe a couple words about what happened there. And selfies are always a cool thing, no? Isn’t that exciting?

Exhausted woman sleeping in front of computer


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