Why I Love Namib Linux so Much

Just in case you wanna know … which you don’t and I understand you (assholes) perfectly. All non-aholes and Linux interested peepels among you may look at this shit:

Namib’s home in Franco-Canada.

Readered it?

For simplicity we have selected Mate for our flagship editions.

we have editions that focus on this traditional workflow.

Cool eh? Not only did they (“they” being frederic2ec) lift Mate out of its curio sideshow status it has within the Manjaro community, he made it Namib’s flagship edition! It’s like Xfce in Manjaro or KDE in Suse or Gnome shell in Ubuntu. What it means in practice is that Fred tests all updates and new shit in Mate first and only implements it in Namib if it werkz 100% in Mate.

For us as community/clients/end users it means we can sleep better at night, knowing our system will greet us sound and savely in the morning. Your chosen Linux distro will be there, ready to spring into action and do an admirable job no matter  what you throw at it! In our preferred traditional workflow: Mouse and keyboard.

A Thorough Examination of Bird Poop Being Good Luck ...
Why we left Windoves. 😮


And still! When you a n00bie, don’t use any Arch-based distro, and be it as lovely and easy peasy as Namib! Just don’t. Stick to Minty shminty’s goodness for now as you’re getting used to roll the Linuxy way, a.k.a. forget all about Windoves.



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