More Antergos


when I checked today – like every day – if the Mate version of Antergos is finally ready to install, well, guess what I found?

The power of community. I love Linux!

Of course I had to try it and … installation werked without a single hiccup. Look:

Directly after install: Desktop looks like crap but has already some usable features. Computer, User folder and trash can. Also a panel with some of the most important stuffz on it.
Two minutes later it all looks already much nicer with small icons and a dark theme.
Couple minutes later we’re already ready to be productive with Firefox browser and this blawg open.
And then, as usual, the Singularity install fails. Or, no installation went great but we can’t open the viewer for geeky reasons I’m too lazy to remedy now. Instead I just install …
The Firestorm viewer directly from the AUR and …
HELLO! Orca  jumps for joy! Graphics are even worse than on Gaga but this is just to prove the concept.

Needless to say that I’m very happy right now. My favourite desktop, Mate, on my favourite base system, Arch. Just delivered by a different distro than usual. This ain’t Manjaro or Namib but Antergos, a distro I never had luck with. But this time everything went great and even the Mate flavour looks so yummy on my screen. If for any reason whatsoever, Namib should falter and cease operation (it’s a one-man show afterall), I know a reliable system I can fall back on and have better support than with Manjaro. Particularly since the Antergos devs are taking Mate seriously and acting like grown up, responsible devs, not like a bunch of spoiled little girls.

I will keep Antergos on MiniMe for a while and test it rigurously and go through some update cycles with it and see about the long term stability. But I can’t see what should  go wrong, since Antergos is pretty close to upstream Arch, so if anything goes wrong it hits many more users than just the Antergos bunch and every problem will be dealt with in an ultraquick way.

What impresses me most though, is how fast my oldold MiniMe computer runs with Antergos. Speedy and spunky like Namib, and I feel it’s faster and smoother than Manjaro ever was.

\o/ Super Duper! \o/

But, be careful youngling! Please do not install any ArchLinux distro if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, or can at least fake it, like Orca  does. Please stick to the comfy cuddliness of Mint until you’re super bored and desperately need to introduce more problems to your lifestyle.

Confused? Simple answer: Linux Mint! It’s so simple and all around goodygood. That Shit just werkz!


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