… And Since I’m so Bored …

… I guess I’ll amuse you with yet another clever pro-Linux video by Joe Collins. It’s again a more broad stroke, not a detailed how-to. So watch it and know why  and be happy that you’d made the jump. Or are going to. You are doing it, and soon, right? So here’s more good reasonings as to why you did it:

Peeps, I’m always open for discussions and willing to hear your reasons for why you’re still clinging onto Microsoft’s sinking ship. Yes I know we Xers are but a tiny tiny minority of maybe 3% of computer users. But this minority is steadily growing and everybody in this highly fashionable group of hipsters is happy to be here and having managed to escape the industry’s shackles. Don’t you like freedom?


Go ahead, call me a daft cow and tell me why, or just call me a daft cow with no reasons given. You do that down in the comment section …


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