Basically Mean Little Kidz

For the real reason refer to the header title

It’s hard to believe that a bunch of assholios with the level of maturity of 5 y/olds is allowed to sit in such responsible positions, isn’t it? If just a gag or not, such bully-ish behaviour is really not appropriate. We may hate the fukn Russians for whatever reasons (although I can’t think of any right now) but those braindwarfs are playing with all life on earth. Fuksake! 😮

Strong words by people with erectile dysfunctions.

You know some day, some Russky General might just say “Ok, that’s enough, I can’t take it anymore! All these insults and provocations and broken contracts and ultra aggressive movement of NATO into our security buffer zone. Let’s retiliate now. FIRE!” And then the shit hits the fan. 😦

Could easily have been to late, mofo! 😦

Doesn’t reflect your values? Do you even have any? Why do we give so much power to such questionable, illogical, dogmatically blinded characters?


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