At Least Trump Gets Burgers

… while gov’mt employees and officials need pizza donations from Canada to survive.

Trump pays personally with his own allowance. What a noble gesture. 😉

Is that what some people call virtue signalling?

PS: Do Americans really call it furloughed? I just checked the dickshonary and the German translation for being furloughed would be “beurlaubt” (vacationized), a rather cute rethoric trick, no? In any way this means you’d stay insured and getting paid while on the forced vacation. And in no way this would count against your regular vacation days. If the bosses don’t wanna see you at your workplace it’s their fukn problem no? So what the US gov’mt is doing now is more like a Shut Out of employees. A pure and simple evil deed! … and highly illegal in all civilized democratic countries. Trump and the congress would be held accountable for creating these impossible conditions and would be prosecuted for High Treason.

So my American peepels, what’s up? Finally time for a second revolution?


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