*EDIT* Razor Blade Company Publicly Slits Own Wrists! :o

Following Disney/LucasFilm’s glowing example, now Gillette too gender studified their much too masculine product and shoo! away their client base. When I look at my hubby, yeah, I find him annoying too … but also kinda cute and amusing. And let’s face it, ladies, the boys just have more fun in life and we love our cuddly troglodytes well-groomed, no?

Watch this terrible anti-advertisement:


Like in the last story I’m kinda out of words in this case as well. Does Proctor & Gamble wanna go bankrupt? Since we’ve found this video the dislikes went from 93,000 up to 130,000. What does that tell the Gillette company?


A job well done?

I don’t wanna live on this planet anymore …


PS: Meanwhile they have accumulated 141k Dislikes … and they keep on coming! can you say Backfire? And here it comes already …

… and 149k dislikes …

And more reaction video:

Dislike count is on 638k right now!


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