Oh Those Cheesy Canadians! :/

Cheesy Canadians sending Care Packets to to feed 3rd world countries.

I don’t get it. But to be honest so does nobody outside the USA. And I can’t even say America is bankrupt (not yet, not entirely), it’s just some egos clashing and taking the whole thing down. Has Mr. Trump forgotten, or does he simply not care, that the people suffering the most from this gov’mt shutdown are the only ppl really working for the gov’mt?

I bet the construction workers in Trump’s beautiful wall building team still receive their paychecks while their boss holds a whole country at ransom. You know who also gets paid during these times of hardship? The fukn politicians! They get richer by the minute while Air Traffic Controllers are going to bed hungry. Fukken Air Traffic Controllers!!! One of the most stressful and responsible jobs imaginable! Trump himself should send each Air Traffic Controller a life-long supply of pizzas instead of shutting down their agency!

And no, Mexico ain’t gonna pay for that shit beautiful wall! I guess El Presidente told Trump to get lost in no uncertain words. And meanwhile they’ve found yet another tunnel as used by the people trafficking coyotes. Shows how ineffective the wall really is. :/


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