Shields races – January 12th, 2019

After a long time, Riz returned to our races, obviously out of shape 😉

In first race Riz forgot to ID his boat and gave up after 1st lap. When finishing 1st lap, my connection went out (!). Suddenly I had no control at all, and when look at my modem, it was flashing, trying to restore connection :-(. Moon and I were side by side at the moment, and I fear I ruined his race too, sorry. The survivors, Indra and Paul,made an astonishing close finish… WAWWWW.

H2 (2 laps) Race Results:
1: indragray Resident IDIR88 — 00:08:48
2: xPaulx Paine IDXP1 — 00:08:48
3: LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — not Finished
4: moonglownight Resident IDMOON — not Finished

Lap Times:
indragray Resident IDIR88 — Start: 00:00:13 — Lap 1: 00:04:24 — Last lap: 00:04:11
xPaulx Paine IDXP1 — Start: 00:00:08 — Lap 1: 00:04:18 — Last lap: 00:04:22
LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — Start: 00:00:06 — Lap 1: not finished — Last lap: not finished
moonglownight Resident IDMOON — Start: 00:00:08 — Lap 1: 00:05:11 — Last lap: not finished

In second race, my connection restarted again and I found would be better not to try to race in such conditions. Riz IDed this time. Moon started in front and never gave a chance to others, although Paul and Indra naver gave him a refresh.

O5 Race Results:
1: moonglownight Resident IDMOON — 00:16:42
2: xPaulx Paine IDXP1 — 00:16:56
3: indragray Resident IDIR88 — 00:16:57
4: RIZLER Rodex ID1234 — 00:19:16

Lap Times:
moonglownight Resident IDMOON — Start: 00:00:07 — Last lap: 00:16:35
xPaulx Paine IDXP1 — Start: 00:00:14 — Last lap: 00:16:42
indragray Resident IDIR88 — Start: 00:00:19 — Last lap: 00:16:38
RIZLER Rodex ID1234 — Start: 00:00:09 — Last lap: 00:19:07

More pics:

Partial January ranking:

One comment

  1. That Riz guy, he stupid or sumsuch? Must be the only and last sailor of SL who doesn’t have a permanently IDd Shields in the inventory.

    Most of us had this figured out in 2007 already, fukn 12 years ago!!! Of course not with the Shields but with our Takos and Trudeau yachts. Same easy peasy priniciple still applies.


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