Orca Contradicts Herself! :o

Bitching About Bitches – one contradicting white girl problem at a ...

Well, of course she does. She’s a gurl and expected – and completely capable of – holding two contradicting opinions at the same time. 😉 But with those pseudo philosophic shit besides let’s talk about a Linux matter now. As you know there is no best Linux distro! So if I get that question asked I can only shrug my shoulders. Because all our expectations, workflows and experiences are different.

Day 038 | Setting expectations | Anna Dahlstrom


I love ArchLinux since I find it easy and straightforward and am not adversed to using that dreaded terminal. Other users love other distros. Makes them (usually) not less good people. Same with the choice of my personal favourite desktop environment: I love Mate since it’s kinda Win7-ish but very customizable. Again you will probably prefer other desktops since they are easier, lighter, faster, better looking, yadda yadda yadda …

expectation is limitation «

10 useful tips for newbie entrepreneursSo why, and this is the core question now, why do I only and exclusively recommend LinuxMint as beginner friendly n00b distro? And with Cinnamon desktop, eventhough you can get it with – the much better – Mate as well?

Because we’re talking about n00bs here, not real people. =^.^= LOL, talking shit as usual, Orca? Ya, kinda, but not really. Being a n00b is an exciting, positive time in anyone’s lifes, in almost any project, hobby or occupation.

Great Expectations: 4 Tips To Help Students Achieve Their ...

Again, it makes you different from other peeps, not necessarily worse than them! And particularly Thar She Blows! readers are an exceptionally clever and smart bunch. So they are presumably also clever and smart n00bs, right?

No, not talking about those Clever & Smart. 😮

So that’s why I recommend a “real” Linux distro for them. With real I mean a full fledged distro with all the bells and whistles and no reductions and edits for n00bies. It’s just that Mint is easy to grasp, at least for readers of Thar She Blows!. So my n00bs will receive the best of all worlds, not some kindergarten nannyshit! Because you’re all grown up adult kidz, not kinders. 😉 You know how to behave yourself, how to get around on a computer and how to find help in specific situations.

GitHub - erikdubois/LinuxMint173i3: How to install i3 on Linux ...
Linux Mint: The professional n00b’s choice!

And that’s why I state there ain’t no best Linux but there is a best beginners’ Linux!

Which Linux Distribution Is Best For Me — Top 11 Operating Systems
That’s an adult question you’ll have to figure out for yourself.



    • So, I was right, yes? Cool, as it doesn’t happen often in the Linuxverse. We’re a fiercely independent bunch and everyone involved has their own opinion. 🙂

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