Jeezus! :o

I don’t wanna live on this planet anymore. :/

Particularly shameful … this was a 17 y/o girl. 😦 I bet she can do everything men can do, only better and without any help. Right? Well, men are particularly good at causing traffic accidents and lotsa havoc. Well done imitation, young lady, very well done. 😉


I bet daddy bought this brandnew vehicle extra for his little princess so she’ll be save and sound on the road. He didn’t know that he raised the biggest safety hazard in his own house.

That stupid cow obviously didn’t even read the cautioning post on Russia Today’s website:




    • I guess it’s both, Sean, the interwebz as an aggregator of the combined stupidity of millenials and SJWs. O tempora o mores. 😦

      Hey, btw, are you by any chance the Sean of Assholes Watching Movies? Love your reviews.


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