It’s Official: I’m Wise. ;)


How could  that even happen? I thought my most dominant personality trait would be sillyness and a total lack of social filters … hm. :/ So how did I get to this test result? Simples by reading Strawberry’s blog and following one of her suggestions, The Beautiful Colors Test.

Ok, now I was hoping to be a bit more fuzzy and warm and kind but no, I seem to be more of the aloof wise old sage type. Can you imagine that, a goofball like me, a wise one? Just because I like some colours better than others and have an impeccable taste?

Come on friends, try out this pseudo test yourself and let us know what personality you are.



  1. My dominant trait is…………….honesty !! I think that’s true. I have to curb it sometimes and rein it in. Little white lies are important in life, too. The juggling act is an art. I have yet to perfect it.

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    • Ugh maaaan! Berry is kind, you are honest, and what am I? A lousy wise woman. 😦
      Although my lack of social filters, and not being afraid to insult anyone, nearly never gives me a reason or an excuse to lie I’m a very honest person too. But what did they pick for me, just because I like pretty colours better than fugly colors? Shitty Wisdom. 😮 And, as every ready can attest to, that’s soooo not me. :/

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  2. Those colors were weeeeiiiirrd! Wisdom’s pretty good, though, ’cause it already would encompass honesty and a bunch of other qualities, whereas honesty by itself woulnd’t necessarily include wisdom. In fact, I may just be a dumb fuck all around, ESPECIALLY if I’m honest, ’cause really, where has it gotten me in life? NOWHERE. ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE ! ! ! 😦

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