Do You Own the Right Tools?

Or just stuff?

I was just hinted on this topic in an unrelated YouTube video. It was about travel luggage, which only meets today’s topic peripherically. In that video the nice lady pointed out that we should regard all our stuffz as tools. We own tools to fullfil a specific function. We buy a lamp to bring light to a certain area in our living spaces, we buy cars to move our fat asses around, we buy clothes so we don’t freeze our balls and/or teats off, and so on and so on. You catch my  drift, right?

There is also a second aspect why we buy stuffz: Because it’s chic, trendy and en vogue. Hey, nothing wrong with that. If you want pink rubberboots instead of the boring yellow, go ahead and knock yourself out and impress the rest of us with your most stylish puddle splashing look ever! But what if the style factor takes over, what if the trend becomes so important, the fact of owning such a fashionable piece influences the functionality? What if no one of these trendsetters and followers really needs that original tool but they rather like the looks of it, the image it projects to the world? Remember when all the young hipsters were wearing Helly Hansen sailing jackets, even if 99% of them have never ever come even close to a sailboat? Yeah, that. And what if such trends even start to influence negatively on the functonality? Imagine Helly Hansen jackets made of non-waterproof material that starts ripping apart at the seams? What about that, eh?

Lincoln's Yacht-Sized Concept SUV Has a Closet and Staircase | WIRED

I mean we’ve all seen the hordes of SUVs that are pumped out by Asian factories in the milllions, those vehicles that kinda remind us on their blueprint, the original Jeeps and Land Rovers but have none of their ruggedness and functionality. Maybe you own one of those soccer mom kiddy movers yourself? Hah! : Buy Ladies Handbag Leather Case for New iPad Pro ...

In my opinion piece I wanna talk write about computing devices, what else did you expect from this blog, eh?

Guide to Purchase a Computer Workstation |

Seoul adds traffic signs warning smartphone users to be careful ...And now, come on, be honest. Not with me, but with yourself. How many computer stuffz/tools do you own, how do you use them, how often are you using them? Did you even think about if you really needed a certain item before you klicked on I WANNA! on the Amazon order page? Hmmm. :/


Industrial tools kit - spanner pliers Royalty Free VectorLet me give you an example of a well-balanced computer fleet: My own.;) I’ve got a gaming desktop, and two smalll form factor desktops, the first one I built myself with a specific funtionality and low costs in mind, the two others I bought very cheaply second hand. And also I got a cheap laptop/netbook. The gaming computer (MiniMax) is the heart and soul of my collection since it isn’t just my Second Life machine but my everyday surfing, media consuming and blogging device. The two mini Lenovos (MiniMe, Gaga) are more or less luxury items I mostly use for Linux distro testing and taking over from MiniMax when my main machine is in the shops. The Netbook (OrcNet) I bought for the specific reason to use it in the couple weeks when we travel. There I put the most emphasis on size, weight and ultra cheap price.

iPhone XR vs. iPhone XS vs. iPhone 8 Plus vs. iPhone 7 Plus: All ...

Acer VX5 - 591G - 58AX Gaming Laptop - $888.77 Free Shipping ...This doesn’t look like a well-rounded collection, and it isn’t supposed to be. And not a single one of my machines is a fashion item. But they are the tools I need, the tools I use. What I don’t need in my fleet is a tablet, a gaming laptop or a giant tower computer. I also have no use for a smartphone. So I don’t own any of those things.

Can I ask you to have a good, and if possible, neutral look These Marvel-themed fidget cubes are instant desk improvers | Stuffat yourself and your stuff, please? How do you think, you and your shit would rank in the stuff/tools ratio? Do you own more fashion items that make you look cute or are you the rightfully proud owner of rugged tools? Are you wasting your money on pink rubberboots or are you jumping into the puddles with the oldfashioned yellow ones you inherited from your grampa? Do you own a tablet and a smartphone, and what for?

Strangers Trying to Sell You Stuff - YouTube

Are you a  dedicated follower of fashion rather than a tool user? Is your self-image more important for you than a functional set of tools? Please let me know your pov in the comments. This is a liberal blog so you don’t need to be registered or a follower to post there.


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