Question Becomes Fact! ***EDIT***

What question?, you ask. This one here.

And now you can imagine which fact we’re talking about, right?

How dare they? Didn’t they notice that Orca is against this shit? LL won’t probably ever grow up and act like a real business. :/

My invitation to discuss and argue and/or to start a jihad on LL or Orca still stands. Or is this topic sooo stupid and insignificant, every second of your time seems like a waste? So I guess your silence is a statement in itself and I can proudly say my whole blog readership (all 2 or 3 of you) goes confirm with the editrix and we don’t need/want shitty IOS crapola. Cool! \o/ Don’t no one say Orca can’t find general consensus. 😉

EDIT: Now Daniel reports about this shit too! 😦



  1. You’re in the minority, I’m afraid 🙂 . Many people have been screaming for an “official” means of accessing SL while on -the-go, and many of them have been iOS users.

    As an Android user, I’d actually like to see what they can do on that platform, but I can actually understand why iOS first. For starters, the have the in-house skillsets; secondly, iOS is under-served compared to Android (1 app vs. 2 (or if you happen to include LittleSight), one of which – despite some maintenance issues – is pretty much the bees knees for mobile access to SL.

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    • Yes, I’m obviously the odd one out, as I don’t own any smartphone, neither Apple nor Android and I’m never on the go but always on the drive. And I’m one of those pesky security conscious old people who’d never ever use any device while driving. Wouldn’t know what to do with it anyway. Well, I have a normal cellphone, you know those things to make phone calls with and send SMS. But I mostly forget it at home when I’m out and about so, yeah, I guess this new stuff wasn’t made with me in mind. 😉


  2. I actually don’t have a smartphone – or a cellphone. I’m now into my second year sans one or the other – a conscious choice, as I grew tired of being a slave to every beep, bop or boop the ‘phone made or feeling I *had* to be available for every single call or message.

    But – I do have an Andoid tablet (Nexus 7 HD 2013), which thanks to Lumiya, means I can access SL with convenience when away from home and without lugging a laptop around. That’s kind-of the thing with a mobile solution. It’s not necessarily smartphone directed, but tablet / iPad convenient 🙂 .

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    • It’s terrible. Here in SA people look at you like you’re a weirdo when you don’t have a mobile phone number to give out to them. I guess most people don’t even have landlines anymore. In many official formulars you are required to fill in your mobile number, else you can’t send them off. We tell them we’re available on the landline … but that concept is hard to get into people’s heads. When I’m out and about I’m not available for their shit, simple as that!

      Ever since the first iPad appeared on the market I hated these things. I need tools, not toys. No keyboard = no use for me. And contrary to some other people I feel best when propped upright and attentive at my workdesk, not hunched over a smallsmall screen on the sofa.


    • “Apple’s adult content policies”
      Yes, there’s that. :/

      Sorry, can’t read your link, Fiona, LL’s kicked me off their forums for no apparent reason and gave me a ban for life. 😮


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