Finally Small Form Factor AMD Ryzen Goodness! \o/

About time, really. AMD became soooo much better lately, no? Their Ryzen chips, their GPUs too, and all that for prizes far below Intel’s. All we needed, all that was missing was a M-ITX equivalent, something for us mini PC freaks.

But now look at this:

I am an ASRock fangurl now. xoxo

No, I gotta correctify myself. Wasn’t I already smitten by the ASRock Deskmini computers when they first appeared on the market? Yes, this thing kinda represents my personal, dream machine, despite the fact that ASRock’s motherboards are generally considered crapola. At least ASRock managed what no other mobo manufacturer dared until today, they made a dwarfish Mini-STX board, kinda similar to the Intel specific M-ITX boards.

This niftyness was just unveiled at the CES 2019 and is suposed to be available in February. Starting at 119 US$ for the barest barebone this is a steal!

Orca’s next computer?



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