Poor Antonella :/

Antonella Lallo is a follower of Thar She Blows!, which renders her automatically an awesome and adorable person, right? She’s also Italian which means she’s probably very shmecksy and looks molto bello in bikini. =^.^= But that’s besides the point now, because when I checked her blog, guess what I found …

Snow in bella Italia. 😮

Well, snow in Italy isn’t strange at all, they have some  fantastic ski areas in the alps. But Antonella’s photos don’t look like she’s living in a very mountainous area. And then the weather report …

Snow on the beaches?

Interesting, right? Look, Antonella made even a second blogstory just about the snow:

Maledetta l’inverno! 😦

I hear this shit’s going on all over Europe, so once again we’re very happy and glad that we’ve decided to move out of that place. My  commiseration goes out to all the African and middle-eastern refugees who had hoped for a better future in €uroland. And now they are stuck ankle-deep in icey slush and shit. 😦

Asking me, you couldn’t possibly pay me enough to make me stay in such frosty conditions.



  1. Oh, but there’s no global warming. Everything’s fine! Everyone go back to what you were doing! Do not look at the man behind the curtain ! ! !

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    • Riiiight! Let’s rather have a good hard look at the man behind the man behind the curtain. Much more interesting story.

      No, honest now: The climate change is undeniable. But I doubt Trump’s selfish refusal to sign some meaningless papers at a meaningless meeting caused this climate change. The planet has gone through some dramatic times of climatic change, long before humans arrived on the scene, and will see more, even more drastic changes, long after we’re gone. I’m no denier of man-made climate change but this rock of ours is a tough cookie and can take some abuse. It will adapt, with or without life on it.

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