Fit Bae ;)

Hm, always thought that would be me, a fit bae. I mean being an expert on Iyengar Yoga and being flexible and strong n stuff. But then when I left the club this morning …

Beach! 😮 How dare she? But then again she’s obviously half my age, the car is a lease and she only keeps fit to look good in a bikini and be a better fuk for when preying on those millionaires. Me’s not jealous on this gold digger. At all! And Audi TT ain’t half as cool as Oubaas, right? Although those rims … 😉 YUM!!!

Then on the way home …

Seriously cool on the other hand is this 1960 Corvette. What a fukn beautee! Tempting indeed. Now I’m jelly for realz, because if it was mine I could sell it for soooo much moolah, I’d be able to pay for Oubaas’ spic n span restoration right away. Why not keep it? Can you imagine me transporting hubby + wheelchair in this silly thing?



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