Whoa! Asus Excites Me!

You know what a sucker I am for small form factor computers, and even more so if they pack some serious power in their miniscule oufits. And now look what Asus came up with at this year’s CES:

Yummy! 🙂 And totally new, AMD processors in small computers! YumYum!

You may say now that those look like Intel NUCs and you’d be partly right. But only partly since the model with bigger footprint is stackable on a graphics card module. Whole new ballgame, isn’t it?

Liliputing also wrote an article about the new machines:

Cute and fashionable but not too expensive!

Peepels, totally honest now: If my machine fleet wasn’t already complete, that last thing would be so totally on my wishlist. No reason to assemble my own computer again, no need to reserve any space for it. And nevertheless gaming power galore!

Gimme dat ding!


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